Landtech XML Real Estate Settlement Software

Included Features:

Graphical CFPB/HUD/GFE HUD and Closing Statements

Landtech GFE/HUD

Fully Interchangeable between pre-2010 HUD and GFE/HUD

Automatic Calculations, Prorations - One-Time Data Entry

Visually Guided Data Entry / View Multiple Forms / Fast

Checks, Disbursements and Full Trust Accounting

Landtech Always Balances!!

Complete Management Reports Included

Full 1099S Magnetic Reporting and Filing

Generates PDF, TIFF and XML Files for Email and Archive

Digital Signatures -- Encryption/Decryption

Full Annotation Tools

Merge with Microsoft Word and Outlook

Works with Quicken / Quickbooks / WordPerfect

Full XML Connectivity for Transaction Management

Landtech GFE/HUD

Full State Forms Packages Available

Full Video Training Included via Landtech Media TV

Web Training and On-Site Training Available

Legislative and Program Updates Automatic via Internet

Includes Full-Featured Landtech Document Editor

Full Amortization Schedules - Reg Z APRs, Variable Payments and Interest


Prices Effective October 1st, 2016 - Version 2016.01 (Windows)
Landtech Licenses to Use


  • Single Geographic Location (Office and/or Server)
  • 2nd and Additional Geographic Locations (Office and/or Server)
  • 2nd Location and Subsequent Licenses, Same Location (Office and/or Server)
Note: Prices quoted are for a License to Use the Landtech XML Real Estate Settlement Software. All Licenses to Use are based upon each location or office within which the Landtech will be operated.


  • Landtech - Single System Annually, Single Geographic Location (Office and/or Server)
  • Landtech - 2nd and Subsequent Systems Annually, Same Location (Office and/or Server)
Note: Prices quoted are for Annual Update Maintenance and Subscription Fees are payable in advance. Higher rates apply if paid in arrears.