Landtech in the Cloud

All the power and ease of use of Landtech XML Real Estate Settlement System Completely WEB BASED!

Why Use Landtech in the Cloud?

Easier to Budget!

Minimal Upfront Investment, just $550.00 for the first seat, and $350.00 for additional seats.

Pay as you go – by the month ($175.00 per user) or $35 per closed file (4 minimum per month per user).

Save Time!

Landtech in the Cloud can be up and running almost immediately

Landtech in the Cloud is always on the latest version of Landtech


Landtech in the Cloud works on any device anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Use Landtech on your iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Droid Tablet! It doesn’t matter!

Low Fees!

You pick the plan that is right for you!

Landtech in the Cloud


Prices Effective April 1st, 2017 - Version 2017.09 (Windows)
Landtech in the Cloud Configurations


  • First User Setup
  • 2nd and Subsequent Users
Note: Prices quoted are for a License to Use the Landtech XML Real Estate Settlement Software. All Licenses to Use are based upon each environment configured.


  • Landtech - Per User per Month
  • Landtech - Per Transaction (Closed File. Minimum 4 per User)
Note: Configurations are installed on a Per User OR Per Transaction basis. Per Transaction has an associated Minimum Number of Closed Files per Month.