About Landtech Data Corporation

Since 1978

Apple Computer, Commodore and Radio Shack were the personal computer competitors of 1978.

Landtech began a year earlier on the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I computer. This first system had no lower-case characters or color. It had only 32K of memory with 2 160K 5.25 inch floppy drives. Much of the internal system and the BASIC in ROM were written by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. This was 7 years before Microsoft would go public and more than 2 years prior to the introduction of the IBM PC, which would revolutionize the workplace.

Landtech Data Corporation was incorporated in 1986. Landtech offered the first real estate settlement software for the Personal Computer. In fact, Landtech advertised in the September, 1981 issue of TITLE NEWS (ALTA) its availability on the IBM Personal Business Computer which was introduced that same year.

Since those early beginnings Landtech has become the nation’s largest provider of real estate settlement software to a whole host of users engaged in the financial, real estate and loan closing process.

Our Mission Statement is very simple. We strive for Excellence in Engineering! We take the time to incorporate the features which are meaningful in your use of the Landtech System. Our emphasis is to create the finest real estate settlement software available. If we accomplish that goal, then other pieces can be fashioned around that foundation!

Contact us for a complete discussion and demonstration of Landtech. We will be happy to accommodate you in your endeavor to implement the finest technology available.